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Loxahatchee Rodents is a division of the Loxahatchee Herp Hatchery, located in sunny southeast Florida. Our business is breeding feeder rodents and select reptiles. We are dedicated to bringing our customers feeders of the highest quality possible at affordable prices.


Loxahatchee Rodents: Providing the BEST Frozen Feeder Rats and Mice

We specialize in the production of mice and rats. Every animal we sell is born and raised at our facility so we can guarantee that they were raised in a healthy environment; were fed a proper diet; and were humanely euthanized. All of our rodents are correctly sized, professionally packaged, and quickly frozen.


Our customers include zoos and wildlife centers; professional breeders and reptile wholesalers; pet stores; and hobbyist keepers.


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Loxahatchee Rodents: Providing the BEST Frozen Feeder Rats and Mice

We love reptiles! Our passion for herpetology and reptile keeping is actually what got us into the rodent business. Check out our Photo Gallery for pictures of animals from our collection as well as pictures of wildlife we have encountered during our frequent herping adventures in the Florida everglades. On our Available Reptiles page we will post any reptiles we have for sale.


Tortoise Ball Python
Photo Gallery  Available Reptiles